Pim van Halem

Pim van Halem

Pim van Halem (NL, 1951) sudied at the  Academy of fine arts AKI in Enschede and graduated at 1978 at the Monumental department in Graphics and Ceramic, but in the meanwhile his most important work has always been drawing. In 1991 he settled in Rotterdam - Charlois. In this district he realised several objects of art in the public space. His most important source of inspiration is a pile of empty papers. Most important tool is his own handwriting.

Private collections in the Netherlands and Europe, as well as companies, banks and housing corporations have his work in their collection. And also GEmeente Enschede, Museum De Twentse Welle en de Caldic Collection.

Meer informatie over Pim van Halem http://www.pimvanhalem.com en http://pimvanhalem.blogspot.nl/