Nancy Hoogstad

Nancy Hoogstad

Nancy Hoogstad (NL 1974 ) is an interdisciplinairy artist based in Rotterdam. In her sculptures she works from remembrance or a concept and the atmosphere that belongs to that. Nancy's work is often related to her personal engagement on that moment. Subjects are life and dead, seksuality, relations and gender.

The shape and function of the sewing machine is fascinating her. It is symbolic for reliability, tough labor, creating, male and female roles, from generation to generation, closed and mysterical. Nancy is also seeking to the relation between obligations and free choices. She takes the functions of the sewing machine and creates a sculpture in wich association can take place.

In the undersea world one is free to invent. Daydreaming about everything that you could see in the scapes of plants and fishes gives her inspiration. Fishes often have a humoristic face, they make you laugh. Laughing and taking life not to serious, try to call up a smile, that was the starting point when she started to create the series of fishes.

Nancy Hooogstad, Zuidhoek 108 B 3082PN Rotterdam 06-51714116 010-4102939