Anton Vrede

Anton Vrede

Anton Vrede (1953, Willemstad Curacao).
In his work Anton searches to playfulness and simplicity. At every stage of his career as an artist he is looking for ways to eradicate complication. In the new series of ink drawings the lines are put down with the kind of carelessness which can only be the result of years of watching and drawing. In this series of ink drawings on paper he now makes a clear statement to black and white.

"In my work, I can materialize my dream world," he says. "At the same time, I can dispel my worries with them. Life is not so complicated. Everything has been given a certain lightness to me. Without being floaty. The work has found a balance, lightness to counterbalance gravity, making them more or less cancel each other. It is a way to relativize myself, the environment and the world "(from the interview with Pieter van Oudheusden).

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