Erwin Keustermans

Erwin Keustermans

Erwin Keustermans (B, 1960) is artist who is particularly well known for his drawings. In creating his artworks the process is very important, which is when the patterns emerge. In his work systems emerge, which can be seen as the most important theme of his work.  A certain constraint is required to create these patterns. The result is usually an elaborate network of pencil marks, in which the viewer can look for order. The persistence and drawing talent of Keustermans keeps people looking at the work for a longer period of time. Sometimes these pattern reminds one of music notes of a composition, but there is also an optic effect.

"Some children artists are patterners; that is, they are interested in patterns, and characteristics such as colors, size, and shape. They enjoy exploration and experimentation but often are not particularly interested in social interaction. Other children artists tend to be what Gardner (1980) calls dramatists. They tend to be more interested in actions and adventures, and dramatic stories and tales. These children artists like to pretend through storytelling and enjoy social contacts with peers and adults."

More information about the artist http://www.erwinkeustermans.com/