Paco Dalmau

Paco Dalmau

Paco Dalmau (1978, Spain) Lives and work in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Academic studies at Arts and Crafts of Castellón (Spain) and Sanvisens Fine Arts School of Barcelona (Spain). Lives and works in Barcelona for seven years, presents his collections "The introverted dance" and "Polyptychs: family portraits" in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Vila-real, Castellon. Take part in group exhibitions in cities such as Valencia, Marbella, New York, Kyoto, Montreal, London, Mallorca among others, his works have been awarded in contests in different countries, Spain, USA, UK. During his stay as artist in residence at The Hommes Foundation CK 12 in the city of Rotterdam, Paco Dalmau worked in the process of documentation of his collection Sapiens: unique race. Being the inhabitants of the city the protagonists of the work. This process consists of specific photographic works, written notes and as a literary essay and fiction about the various aspects in which the project is framed.

During his Artist in Residence he worked on a series of paintings in the Fractions Collection and on the process of documentation of Sapiens Collection.
In his solo exhibition in May 2013 Paco Dalmau presents Fracions Collection nr. IV en nr. V. Series IV consist of 24 paintings of 60 x 60 cm. Each of these paintings has his own and unique character. Together they form a monumental work of 125 x 775 cm, and become one peace.
Fractions Collection V consists of 6 paintings of 125 x 125 cm each, which keep more individuality, although they are connected in the spectrum of grey colors.

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