Giuseppe Licari

20 mei t/m 1 juli 2017

Opening zaterdag 20 mei vanaf 17.00 uur met een openingswoord door Mariette Dölle, directeur Museum Kranenburgh.

In his artist practice Giuseppe Licari researches the identity of the earth and the human impact on it. Sicily and Rotterdam, the two most important places in his life, are his starting point for this exhibition. Licari collected exploited soils from which he extracted pigments. He harvested 102 plant species from the grass around a canal in Rotterdam that had not been mowed for 9 weeks. In Diversity! Licari shows us the variety of nature and the effects of our intervention.




Diversiteit is mede mogelijk gemaakt door een bijdrage van gemeente Rotterdam.

Image: Cub Herbarium 2015, Giuseppe Licari




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