Boas en Kolleman

Boas en Kolleman

Nina Boas & Robin Kolleman 23 January - 22 February 2009

Opening Friday 23 January at 19.00 hr
19.15 Mariette Dölle, program director of TENT. will open the exhibition

19.45 Live Performance Nina Boas

Nina Boas
Women with things
Nina Boas (1980 NL) is a mixed media and performance artist. She works with video, performance, installations and drawings. During this exhibition her subject is Woman with things. The work will consist of a series of stills of a video performance, video's, a series of drawings and a live performance on the evening of the opening. The themes she uses in her work are related to archetypical constructions, daily routines, gender and relations between people. The stories are based on her childhood and personal findings.

Robin Kolleman
Silent witnesses
The work of the mixed media artist Robin Kolleman (1960 NL) is as well vulnerable as confronting. Typical of her work are the three stages of contact: the view, the touch and the lesion. The installation in Hommes is based on aftermaths, silhouettes of Women in tender or injured positions.


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Boas en Kolleman Boas en Kolleman Boas en Kolleman Boas en Kolleman Boas en Kolleman