Ich bin Maler!

Ich bin Maler!

Three young painters show us their passion with the canvas, the contours an the image. Gema Alba (ES) Jitka Andréa (NL) en Bart van der Mark (NL).

Gema Alba (ES) is interested in how mankind has adapted the environment to its needs, building an artificial setting with the aim of improving living conditions. In her latest works she researches the visual contrast resulting from the coexistence of urban environment and nature.  J

Jitka Andréa (NL) paints landscapes in which perspectives, pillars, constructions and planes play the most prominent roles. The spaces are subject to distortion resulting in an alienated image. What appeared to be a defined space, transforms to a plane or detaches altogether.

Bart van der Mark (NL) In his paintings distances and depths blend and part, though always adding up to a unified whole. His paintings consist of surreal and metaphysical elements. It starts with nature and runs out into overbuilt sites of human urge for innovation. The deserted landscape of the past and the overbuilt panoramas of the future.  


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Ich bin Maler! Ich bin Maler! Ich bin Maler! Ich bin Maler! Ich bin Maler!