(Paul) Chair (Vincent) Chair)

(Paul) Chair (Vincent) Chair)

 Yu Kuramoto



Video slide show of foto's 

(Paul) Chair (Vincent) Chair) is an installation about people, without  using images of people and without the context of their lives, religion or social background. A chair implicates the presence of people, for example the owner. Yu Kuramoto will investigate in her installation the chair as a subject, an icon, a medium and as a methafhor  to show human identity. The starting point for Kuramoto in het work will be 100 chairs of 100 residents of Charlois in Rotterdam South. This is a district  with a big diversity of ethnicities. (Paul) Chair (Vincent) Chair) will consist of a collection of visual works: drawings, foto-slide show and an installation.

Opening 25 september at 19.00 hr.

Marleen Keustermans
Gaugains Stoel, Oil on canvas, 1888, Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam
Van Goghs Stoel, Oil on canvas, 1888, the National Gallery, Londen



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(Paul) Chair (Vincent) Chair) (Paul) Chair (Vincent) Chair) (Paul) Chair (Vincent) Chair) (Paul) Chair (Vincent) Chair) (Paul) Chair (Vincent) Chair) (Paul) Chair (Vincent) Chair)