Once Upon Today

Once Upon Today

Annegien van Doorn (NL) Gunndís Ýr Finnbogadóttir (IS) Enrico Tealdi (IT) Kathrin Maria Wolkowicz (DE/PL)

Opening 27 November 2009, 19:00 hr by the curator Teresa Iannotta*

For centuries, people have been telling each other stories about their lives, their experiences, and their history or culture. However, its great tradition does not make storytelling any less contemporary; take the journals for example, or the exchange of stories among friends and acquaintances.  

Once upon Today takes its inspiration from a common opening line of fairy tales. The title implies a style of narrative that refers completely to the present instead of the past. The exhibition aims to stimulate the viewer's imagination: the artworks reveal something about their makers, but also about the contemporary moment in which we all live. 

Once upon Today presents recent work by artists of four different nationalities and backgrounds. Their work explores different ways a story can be told. The exhibition consists of very diverse visual works incorporating both word and image.

* Teresa Iannotta (I) is guest for one year in our Artist Residence CK12


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Once Upon Today Once Upon Today Once Upon Today Once Upon Today Once Upon Today Once Upon Today