Giuseppe Licari (IT)

Opening 29 January at 19:00 by Patrick van der Klooster, Director of AIR

Backspace is the 'other' side, the reverse, that which is turned the other way round or up or inside out...or literally: the other side of that which we—under normal circumstances—can, may, or would like to see. Backspace is an installation that singles out structural conventions, confronting us with inversion pushed to the point of absurdity. How can you experiment with the meaning of forms as the symbolic building blocks of our living environment? How does the new spatiality affect our identity? Is it possible that the materials that make up our sense of 'self' are also architectural? What does the structure of a place in which we find ourselves signify? How do we behave towards one another when faced with architecture? With Backspace, Licari and Hommes have embarked on a provocative challenge that shows a deep interest in the cutting edge of architecture and visual art, and displays their common commitment to the visionary and the bold.

Curator: Nele Buys, Vzw de console, Ghent, Belgium

Events in Backspace
6 February at 21:00 – 22.30 Concert on behalf of the South Tour of visitors Art Rotterdam   16 februari 19.30 – 22.00

Building Dream castles: Debate about the future and possibilities of the AVR building with Maarten Struijs, Ed Goverde and Patrick van der Klooster. In cooporation with AIR.   3 March 16:00 – 22:00

Art meets Politics: a full programme of interviews, performance, film, readings and live TV reports on the local elections. In cooporation with Club Attent.            


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