The Desert of the Real

The Desert of the Real

Opening 26 maart 19:00 by Liesbeth Levy head of the debate departement of the  Rotterdamse Raad voor Kunst en Cultuur

The Desert of the Real refers to a notion of philosopher Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007) concerning the image. He developed the idea of three orders of simulacra. The first order is associated with the imitation of the original. The second concerns the mass production. In the third order of simulacra, there is no original. This is the "hyperreal", where simulacra are more real than the originals they imitate. According to Baudrillard, postmodern society has rejected the concept of an "original" and exchanged it for something that represents an object more authentically than the object itself. He calls this The Desert of the Real.

The featured video works by Fernández show images taken in the surroundings of the Miami Beach Convention Centre, right after the celebration of Art Basel Miami Beach in December 2009, where a great number of events were held. Fernandez documents these locations after the cultural/commercial phenomenon representing the post-fair scenario as the aftermath of a catastrophe.

Bianchini's paintings were born of his observation of human interaction. In his opinion, postmodern society makes people colder and less involved. They become more similar to an "unhuman" piece of the city furniture. In his project "Del Blanco y Negro al Color" he underlines this state and gives people back their human identity.


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The Desert of the Real The Desert of the Real The Desert of the Real The Desert of the Real The Desert of the Real