Fatima Barznge, Laan Irodjojo, Dwight Marica, Heleen Schröder, Daniela Swarowsky, Kees Touw, Ellen Vomberg, Anton Vrede, Efrat Zehavi

Opening: Sunday, 26 September 2010 at 15.00 by Yonca Özbilge curator and producer, member of the Rotterdam Advisary board of Art and Culture (RRKC).

In a city like Rotterdam that is home to more than 100 nationalities, sometimes it seems like the various groups are separated by a great divide. In the art sector this is often hard to ignore: not only artists, but also most visitors of museums and galleries tend to be white and well-educated.Bridging differences not only applies to cultural backgrounds: for many Rotterdammers, the river forms a barrier between North and South.

With the Bridgin' exhibition, we are opening the new season with a broad view, showing video, drawings and graphic work made by artists from immigrant backgrounds as well as Dutch backgrounds, and from both North and South. The touchstone of all the work is creating connections.

Guest curator: Ellen Vomberg


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Bridgin' Bridgin' Bridgin' Bridgin' Bridgin' Bridgin'