Harbour | Quay

Harbour |  Quay

 Marja Zomer
Vitibuck Architects in collaboration with Gert Jacob de Graaf
Schouten Architects
Archi-Tectonics NL

Opening on 29 May at 15.30 by Ed Goverde, Chairman of the sub-municipality of Charlois

Finissage Sunday, July 3 | with Dutch haring and jenever
15.00 hr Artist talk by Marja Zomer
16.00 hr Concert by Juraj Kojs and Anne La Berge. Implementation of Water Composition, a piece of music specially composed for the occasion and performed by Kojs.

Visual artist Marja Zomer lived and worked in Rotterdam for a long time. Her paintings from that period capture the vivid beauty and energetic vigour of the harbour and its traffic.

 Vitibuck Architects, Schouten Architecten and Archi-Tectonics are each showing their prize-winning idea for the redevelopment of the Maashaven quays in Charlois. This "AAA location", with its brilliant view of the skyline and the SS Rotterdam, can give Charlois a chance to put itself on the urban map.

Kojs Slovakian Juraj is a composer, performer, multimedia artist, producer, and educator profession or capacity in the U.S.. Kojs' compositions Were Recently featured at festivals and conferences in Europe, Asia and the Americas. His compositions Received awards at Eastman Electro Acoustic Composition and Performance Competition and the Digital Art Award. Kojs 'muscle-powered multimedia Neraissance-described as "striking and unforgettable,' received the Best Performance Art Award 2010 from Miami New Times. "If Energy Could Be seen and heard, It Would Those look and sound like 20 minutes ..." Miami New Times Blog wrote. Kojs HAS Received commissions from The Quiet Music Ensemble, Miami Light Project and Meet the Composer.

 Here you find a review from Milou van Oene.


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Harbour |  Quay Harbour |  Quay Harbour |  Quay Harbour |  Quay Harbour |  Quay Harbour |  Quay