Flaque Publique

Flaque Publique

Flaque Publique

prologue in Hommes from 28 September to 4 November 2007

Kamiel Verschuren

Design study for the historical centre of Oud-Charlois & other spatial projects

Since June 2006 Kamiel Verschuren has worked on a design study for the redevelopment of the historical central area of Oud-Charlois, which now will be shown to the public. The design study consists of a 200 page thick brochure, a series of drawings and a large maquette*. In the presentation all these different parts are brought together. The design study refers to the functioning of public domain and seeks within it the contemporary character of this historically tinged part of the city.

The object of the study is to raise the level of aspiration for the redevelopment of Oud-Charlois and attaches an important position to a cultural dimension. Besides this presentation, other design studies, contemplations and projects will be shown. Among these are the results of the workshop Moving in Free Zones of June 2007. This workshop by iStrike** with students of the Architecture Department of TU-Delft, also touched upon the future developments of  Rotterdam-Zuid and the functioning of public space.

To support and to widen the debate, there is a program surrounding the presentation, which consists of four events meant for professionals and residents of Charlois alike. The program links up the various aspirations of Pact van Zuid and relates them to the development of Oud-Charlois.

* maquette in co-operation with Alain Hurel

** Moving in Free Zones st. iStrike ism Spacelab_Urban Body/TU-Delft

This exhibition was financily supported bij City of Rotterdam / Pact op Zuid en Housing Corporation de Nieuwe Unie.



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