Embraced Moments

Embraced Moments

Masha Matijevic
Inez Smit
Sabrina Basten
Curator Anne-Marie Ros

Opening 28 September at 19.00 byAnne-Marie Ros
9 October 16.00 Concert Klassiek op Zuid

Sunday, November 6th from 15:00  the Finissage

15:00 Anne-Marie Ros is talking to.. . .
Curator Anne-Marie Ros is talking in an informal setting with the artists and Inez Smith Masha Matijevic.
16.00 pm Music, refreshments
18.00 pm End of the Exhibition

Embraced Moments shows the transitory nature of the present. The manifestation of the memory, tranquility through insight and the occasionally unsettling experience of a particular space urge the viewer to contemplate the essence of being.
In the series Index, Masha Matijevic searches for an intimate approach to the past. With her penetrating gaze and engagement with her subjects, she investigates the impact of a disrupted history on a country or people's identity.
Inez Smit's paintings juxtapose planes and patterns in such a way that the viewer's eye must determine what's happening.
The objects in Sabrina Basten's drawings seem to be connected in an unexpected way, as if they could interact at any moment. Like her three-dimensional work, the drawings invite the viewer to engage with new connections and dialogues.

Masha Matijevic: Index 2011 C-print on dibond
Inez Smit No title, 2011 Acryl/oil on canvas
Sabrina Basten Zelfportret 2011 Felt pen and ink on paper    


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Embraced Moments Embraced Moments Embraced Moments Embraced Moments Embraced Moments Embraced Moments