On 13 January at 19.00 hr opening of Fleeting by Ir. Thessa Menssen, director Infrastructure & Maritime affairs (COO) Port of Rotterdam N.V.

13 January - 12 February 2012 

Marco Douma, Roel Meelkop, Rutger Zuydervelt
Barbara Helmer  

Four artists research the importance of light and sound for our perception of everyday reality. Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) Marco Douma and Roel Meelkop have created a panoramic audiovisual installation: Pierdrie. Even though one hardly notices it anymore in the city itself, Rotterdam is one of the biggest ports in the world. City and port used to be one, but now they're separate worlds. Pierdrie brings the experience of the port back to the city. The visual and sonic phenomena of the pier in the Rotterdam Waalhaven — the very vastness of the place — inspired the artists to make this work.

Light, and particularly the last light of the day, is her theme. Barbara Helmer depicts the passage of time, the closing of the day. You might call it romantic—not in a nineteenth-century kind of way, but a contemporary, more urban romantic. In her drawings she uses coloured pencils and grey graphite pencil, applied in layers of first colour, then a top layer of grey pencil.

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