Giuseppe Licari en Laura d\'Ors

29 November 2007 tot en met 5 januari 2008 

Giuseppe Licari (Italy, 1980) and Laura d\'Ors (Spain, 1973) will show their work in a joint exhibition titled \'Sconfinamenti\': Italian for trespassing in the figurative or literal sense. Where do we draw the line? Are we spectators of the artist playing with boundaries or do we also produce new boundaries while looking at art? How do we relate to the other? This exhibition combines very diverse art forms to a whole in which contours seem to disappear.

In his work Giuseppe Licari explores the relation between human and space, and uses different materials with particular reference to nature. He communicates through ironic and popular means, intending to give his audience an active role in his work. In principle objects taken from their own context are modified, painted, or assembled with various materials. This breathes new life into them and engages the public into a new existential experience of common life.

The photos, video artwork and installations of Laura d\'Ors are mainly concerned with the vague domain of dreams. Her images dwell in the void of \'disreality\'. Her work can be more sharply denoted with the concept \'mimesis\'. In her predominantly surreal or dreamlike work, she depicts scenes in which it is unclear whether dream reflects reality or vice versa, that is; whether daily life mimics our dreams. Because of the way she manipulates reality, the onlooker falls \'imprisoned in the image\'.   

This show is financially supported bij City of Rotterdam / Pact op Zuid en Deltaport Donatiefonds.


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Sconfinamenti Sconfinamenti Sconfinamenti Sconfinamenti Sconfinamenti Sconfinamenti