New Talent Rotterdam

New Talent Rotterdam

Linde Akkerman
Bianca den Breejen
Astrid de Pauw
Marylene Rutten

Opening August 31 at 19.00 with Karin Arink, artist and teacher at the Willem de Kooning Academy.

The 2012 Willem de Kooning Academy Graduation show exhibited this year high-quality work. In ‘New Talent Rotterdam' we bring together four graduated artists who research materials or qualities of life and humanity.

Collecting is a theme of the sculptural installations of Linde Akkerman, who makes visible lives that would otherwise pass unseen.

The safeguarding against inevitable decay takes place in the installation and photo's of the Bianca den Breejen.

The drawings of Astrid de Pauw consider the border between seeing and thinking: a blending of the occasionally absurd and the real.

By playing with staging and perspective the pictures of Marylene Rutten create an alienating choreography of body parts.

Astrid de Pauw / Marylene Rutten / Bianca den Breejen / Linde Akkerman 



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New Talent Rotterdam New Talent Rotterdam New Talent Rotterdam New Talent Rotterdam