Between a brick and a tender place

Between a brick and a tender place

Dieneke Jansen

"Between a brick and a tender place" (van baksteen tot intieme plek)
Opening Wednesday 24 Oktober 18.00 uur by Maaike Gotschall, coördinator Rotterdam Artists in Residence (RAiR), as part of the  program 'STAMMTISCH -Den Haag'.

Workshop: "Let's Build", for children as well as adults
Saturday 27th October, 14:00 - 16:00

Dieneke Jansen (NL/NZ) stayed from 15th May in the Galerie Hommes artists' guest space. Jansen was born in Rotterdam, emigrating to New Zeeland with her parents when she was a young girl.

During her residency she examined the way in which Rotterdam residents make use of their urban environment. Her eye was particularly drawn to the unplanned and the unexpected. From May to July she spent many hours exploring the streets, parks and undeveloped areas of Charlois, Rotterdam. By observing, photographing, filming, and playing, she created an exchange by sparking up conversations with the local children and residents. The results of these exchanges form a series of images and stories in which waste and clutter take on a particular value, and where reality and imagination collide.

We cordially invite you to come and see the outcomes of her research, and to participate in the workshop.

With many thanks to dienst Kunst en Cultuur en Tent. Rotterdam 


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Between a brick and a tender place