Beyond the visible

Beyond the visible

A solo exhibition with new works by Yoshiyuki Koinuma

May 30 - July 12, 2014

Koinuma (1982, JP) introduces us to his thoroughly Japanese soul. His work is influenced by a mix of ancient traditions and modern \\\"spirit\\\", which results in a visual language that is absolutely original. Koinuma is inspired by Buddhism, Shintoism, strange animals and computer games. In this exhibition he leads the visitor into a world beyond what is visible to the eye.

For the purpose of the Language and Art Gallery Tour, Koinuma studied the poems and novels of Japanese writer Kenji Miyazawa, who lived from 1896 to 1933. Some of the works in the exhibition arose from this study. The poem \\\"I will not give in to the rain\\\" from Miyazawa is included in the exhibition.

More info about the Poetry Language and Art Gallery you will find here

Yoshiyuki Koinuma lives and works in Rotterdam since 2011.

On the same day and time the official opening of the KUnstweekend Charlois will take place in our gallery. Piet Rogie made a duet special for this occasion. On our event - page you can find more information about this.

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Beyond the visible Beyond the visible Beyond the visible Beyond the visible