"Seit wann kann man hier tanzen"

Sabrina Basten
26 februari 2016 18.30 - 23.00 uur
18.30 - 20.30 buffet € 5,00 (aanmelden graag)
20.30 uur Introductie
21.00 uur Sabrina leest voor
21.00 uur - 23.00 uur receptie

Sabrina uses her drawings and Stories as a way to capture the experiences that might otherwise slip from her memory; less precise than photography, but somehow more accurate. At once a sketchbook, a dream journal, and a coded personal diary. The title of the book comes from Sabrina\'s reaction to the established nightlife that materialized in Rotterdam just after she moved away, with cocktail bars and high profile DJs emerging throughout the city centre like mushrooms after a rainstorm. The development struck a stark contrast to the social scene Sabrina and her friends cobbled together back when the city seemed comparatively untouched, with memories of improvised gatherings in cosily crowded rooms kept warm by lit cigarettes and body heat, dancing on the furniture, and YouTube DJs getting sentimental when they\'re drunk. She recalls the sort of conversations people have when they\'re forced to stand nose-to-nose. The sort of nights that felt handcrafted.
Seit wann kann man hier tanzen was designed in collaboration with Dörte Fischer.

The books are exquisitely handmade by Dörte using a Japanese side stitch technique. The book is silkscreened in her workspace, and neatly fitted into a handmade case. The initial release is limited to 40 editions.

During this evening the original drawings are displayed and Sabrina reads from her book. Both the drawings and the book are for sale.




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