Banafsheh Rahmani

Banafsheh Rahmani was artist in Residence in our CK12 residency from May to November 2013.
The path of Banafsheh Rahmani (Tehran 1972), Iranian painter who lives and works since 2004 in Trieste, is characterized by a constant relationship with art history. After high school, she studied at the University of Tehran Azad and in 1996 she graduated in Painting. Choosing as a field of inquiry, the Cubism of Braque, she presented a thesis on French art criticism artist accompanied by an art project twenty paintings made with the technique of collage. In 2002 she got MA in art - bassed research, she analyzed the symbolism of the miniatures in Shahname Baisonghori, a Persian codex from the fifteenth-century. During this period she started to work as a teacher teaching painting at the prestigious Kanoon, the Institute for the intellectual development of children and adolescents and different art schools. She held an introductory course on figurative arts bases for two consecutive academic years finishing her teaching career at Azad University in Tehran in autumn 2003. The following year after moving to Italy, she continued her studies on the history of art and graduated at the University of Trieste, Faculty of Arts in 2009. The subject matter of her degree thesis was Death in Arts: the work of Marlene Dumas.
During her short career she has participated in several exhibitions making her debut in Iran in some collective shows and in the 5th Biennial of Painting in Tehran. After taking part in various events in Italy, Germany, Croatia and Slovenia. she was exhibited one of her work at the Biennale Diffusa FVG in the Italian pavilion of the Biennale of venice in 2011. In the same year she also won the 55th Marina of Ravenna prize enabling her to arrange a personal show at the Art Museum of Ravenna MAR. In 2013 She was exhibited at the International biennial of contemporary Arts and Design on environmental sustainability in Padua.