Giuseppe Licari - CV

Personal Information
name Giuseppe Licari
date of birth Erice (TP), 4 March 1980, Italy
address Nieuwenhoornstraat 139C, 3082 VG, Rotterdam
phone number +31 (0) 610830139
e-mail gspp.licari@gmail.com
web www.giuseppelicari.com

2004 Graduate at the Academy of fine Arts, Clementina, Painting Department, Bologna, IT
2002 Exchange study program, Monumental Department, AKI, Enschede, NL
Shaped-Place Konturen, International artistic workshop, Bentlage, DE
1999 Diploma, Scientific Lyceum, P. Ruggeri, Marsala (TP), IT

Work experience and awards
2011 Guest teacher, TU Delft, Urban Body, Fresco removal workshop, Delft, NL
Artist in Residence, Badgast, Den Haag, NL
Guest teacher, Stockholms Dramatiska Hogskola, Stockholm, SE
2010 Artist in Residence, IASPIS, Stockholm, SE
Teacher assistant, Thinking the edge workshop, Sarnico, Bergamo, IT
Lecture to MA students of the Academy of fine Arts of Bologna, Public art workshop,
A-Locatie, Rotterdam, NL
Lecture at Deltion College, Kunst, media & design, Zwarte workshop, Zwolle, NL
2009 Startstipendium, Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam, NL
2007 Artist in residence, Bad Foundation, Rotterdam, NL
2006 Stage with New Canvas, Poetry & Art, Art show for the International Poetry Festival,
City Theatre, Rotterdam, NL
2005 Arte y Hueso, stage/assistant in a Taxidermy atelier, Madrid, ES

Exhibitions (selection)
Swinging the Lamp Badgast, Satelliet groep, with C. Ampatzidou, Scheveningen, NL
Open House Iaspis, International art program, Stockholm, SE
Mental Charlois Veldeacademie, TU Delft, with the Historish museum, Rotterdam, NL
Kijk de Maagd in de ogen! Museum night, Occupying space foundation, Nieuwe Marktplein, Rotterdam, NL
Backspace Hommes foundation, Rotterdam, solo show, NL
Serial Swing Kasteel van Rhoon, Rotterdam, duo show, NL
Tetris Wall Opening ceremony and project presentation, W_Lf_rt project spaces, Rotterdam, NL
RAiR #1 Rotterdam Artists in Residence, Ex-Photomuseum, Rotterdam, group show, NL
Rooms to Let Action Field Kodra, Thessaloniki, group show, GR
Op Zuid Artists in the South of Rotterdam, CBK, Rotterdam, group show, NL
T'Ot-je Nac open call, study and design for a collective inner garden,
with K. Verschuren, C. Ampatzidou, T. Ewalts and A. Piscaer, NL
Art=Arrv Art in the stock. Hommes gallery, Rotterdam, group show, NL
The Sky in a Room Sconfinamenti, Hommes gallery, Rotterdam, solo show, NL
Wrong time Wrong place Artists in residence. Tent, CBK, Rotterdam, group show, NL
Memoreggs Tierex, temporary gallery, Berlin, group show, DE
Graduation exhibition Academy of fine arts, Bologna, group show, IT
Metamorfòsi Ex church Meldola, Forlì, solo show, IT
Academy in the station Central station, Bologna, group show, IT
Anteprima Friends of the GAM, Academy of fine Arts, Bologna, group show, IT

Projects (selection)
Liquid Motions Field research on sea culture, Stichting Cultural Aid and Neac, with C. Ampatzidou, Netherland-Italy-Belgium
Kirunatopia A project research about Kiruna and its future, Goethe Institute and Kunsthall C, Stockholm, SE
Mental Charlois Sampling images of public life in Charlois
W_Lf_rt project space, Rotterdam, NL
Hugo de groot School, with the Historish Museum of Rotterdam, Rotterdam, NL
Laleli Mosque, Rotterdam, NL
Kinderkunstroute, public library, Rotterdam, NL

Spaghetti Forever La Giostra, Tent CBK, Rotterdam, NL
Corpus, W_Lf_rt project space, Rotterdam, NL
Marmalade Madness, De Kas 182-189, Rotterdam, NL
Happy pizza workshop, Kinderkunstroute, W_Lf_rt project space, Rotterdam, NL

I am your light Permanent public art piece, NAC foundation, Rotterdam, NL
Tetris Wall Permanent public art piece for the community of Charlois, Rotterdam, NL
40 Years of Poetry Festival Furniture and set design, with Thijs Ewalts, City Theatre, Rotterdam, NL
Spaghetti forever An evening on Ubuntu, with K. Verschuren, W_Lf_rt project space, Rotterdam, NL
Clean Clothes Lab-Art Biscione, public square Biscione, Trapani, IT
Mental Charlois Sampling images of public life in Charlois, with C. Ampatzidou, ‘t Ot-je, Rotterdam, NL
Spaghetti Forever Anything that stimulates mental thinking, W_Lf_rt project space, Rotterdam, NL
I am because you are A Christmas evening on Ubuntu. #6th Bad event, with K. Verschuren, Rotterdam, NL
Illegal bus stop 3080-91 A citizens' protest against regulations on gatherings in public spaces, series of 6 events, with Stichting Kick, K. Verschuren and Alain Hurel, Rotterdam, NL
W_Lf_rt project space Cultural place for Charlois, design, coordination and restoration of the space, with J. Niens and J. Verheul, Rotterdam, NL
Poetry & Art Video/action from the Non-functional thoughts of Cesare Pietrojusti. City Theatre, Rotterdam, NL

2010 The Giving Garden Performance with Abner Preis and others, Kunsthal, Rotterdam, NL
Fashion Week Amsterdam Catwalk design for Kentroy, Intoxica, Amsterdam, NL

De Kaas Green house/pavilion, design and production, with Jaap Verheul and Christina Ampatzidou, Rotterdam, NL

International Poetry festival Stage setting and Solo Recital Pavilion, production coordination and assistant of D. Wapenaar, City Theatre, Rotterdam, NL
Hand in Hand Stage setting, 100 years of Feijnoord, production coordination and assistant of K. Verschuren, Zuid Theatre, Rotterdam, NL
Poetry and art Art show, setting and production. City Theatre, Rotterdam, NL
Moving in free zones An international and cross-disciplinary workshop and a cultural program. Workshop production and assistance of iStrike foundation, Rotterdam, NL
Folly dock IFCR, international Folly contest Rotterdam, production and assistance of Smaq, Rotterdam, NL

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Spaghetti Forever Information booklet, Rotterdam 2011
MET STIP Fonds BKVB, publication of the artists that received the Startstipendium, Amsterdam, 2010
Cineac Charlois Mental Charlois, Rotterdam, 2010
Cineac Charlois Backspace, Rotterdam, 2010
Leen #7 Centrum beeldende kunst, Rotterdam, Sep-Oct-Nov 2009
AD Tetris Wall, Rotterdam Dagblad, 17th April 2009, Rotterdam
Oud Charlois Tetris Wall, buurtkrant Charlois, April 2009, Rotterdam
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