Migrants Giuseppe Licari

Migrants Giuseppe Licari


PAE - BeHave, Le Fonds Belval, Belval,Luxembourg 2016.
Installation with 16 slag stones on pedestals. Each pedestal: 30 x 30 x 100 cm. MDF, black glass, paint, mini spotlights, slag stones.

The installation Migrants consists of 16 carefully selected slag stones, scoriae of the steel industry, presented atop plinths, as precious gems, in a complete dark space. The title of the work refers to the immigration waves that throughout the 20th century, became the foundations for Luxembourg's industrial development and financial independence as we know it nowadays. The stratification of this left over material in the surrounding areas of Belval, functions as a mirror of the social stratification of its multicultural society.

This work is part of the Schlak project, the result of a six months residency in Belval, Luxembourg. Public Art Experience - BeHave was curated by Stéphanie Delcroix and Michael Pinsky.


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