From 8 to 12 February 2012 the contemporary art fair Re:Rotterdam will take place with more than 100 independent artists, but also galleries and art-consultancies. This event will be held simultaneously to Art Rotterdam. As the name suggests Re:Rotterdam, is a reply, reaction, or re-focusing on the art market and the establishments surrounding them. The art fair demonstrates the vitality of the art climate in Rotterdam on 8 floors, with a side program filled with performances, food, seminar and party. We cordially invite you to visit our stand and join the events.
Hommes is located on the third floor. We will be presented with the artists:   Nina Boas / drawings and performance Anja Kok /paintings Marga van den Meydenberg / Photo Inez Smit / paintings

Saturday 11 Feb 19.00 hr. Performance by Nina Boas

 Location Boompjes 60-68, 3011 XC Rotterdam Admission Fee : Free   Visiting hours Wednesday 8 Feb
13.00- 16.00 Preview/ Lunch (only by invitation)
16.00- 22.00 Open to Public
17.30- 19.00 Seminar "Real Estate, Art and Tax" (only by invitation) 20.00- 01.00 Openings party with DJ's Gees Voorhees, Kaus and DJ NATASAS. Performance Dr. Schnitt   Thursday 9 Feb
11.00- 19.00 Open to Public   Friday 10 Feb
11.00- 22.00 Open to Public

Saturday 11 Feb
11.00- 20.00 Open to Public
18.30- 22.30 MK Award VIP Drink & Tour
20.00- 01.00 Party: The Revenge of the Electric Children with DJ's Rufus Ketting, Stefan Tijs, DJ Afro Puppe, performance Nunatak and Joe Kisser   Sunday 12 Feb
11.00- 20.00 Open to Public

More info http://www.rerotterdam.com/


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